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Unlimited posts for $149/month*

Special offer for new customers in one market!

*Craigslist $5/post fee not included. Each add'l market is $149/month. $149 price per month excludes SF Bay area, must sign up through Promotion Pix

Pay an average of$20 Per Lead

No Work For You

Automated Posting Plan


Tell us your rule for which vehicles to post. ex. all used vehicles, vehicles priced under $15,000, oldest
vehicles on the lot, vehicles with mileage over 40,000, etc.

When a vehicle in your inventory matches your rule, we post it!

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Control Your Budget

Manual Posting Plan


Choose which specific vehicles to post. There is no need to call or email us. Just log in and click on the cars that you want to post!

We post only the vehicles you select.

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Total Posting Flexibility

Repost Your Ads

Choose how often to repost each vehicle (ex: never, every 48 hours, every week, every 2 weeks). If you choose manual posting then you can repost individual vehicles.

Always Have Recent Posts

Choose the maximum number of posts per day to ensure you always have some recent posts and that your budget is spread throughout the month.

Post When You Want

Choose to post only on a specific day of the week or all days. Choose to post only on a specific day of the month or all days.

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Customize Your Posts

Choose Your Template or Go Custom

We have many post templates for you to choose from or we can create a custom template for you.

Choose Where the URL in the Post Goes

Option 1

Autofusion vehicle details page on

Option 2

Vehicle details page on your website if your website vendor is Autofusion, Clickmotive, Cobalt, or

Option 3

Your website homepage

Include Custom Text For Each Vehicle

Dealer comments can be included in a post to tell customers more specific selling points for the vehicle.

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Track Your Ads With The
Real-Time Dashboard

View Your Real-Time Post Balance

Always know how many posts you have left.

Link For Each Live Post

You don't have to search Craigslist to make sure that your vehicles have been posted. Use our simple interface to click through to your live ads.

Automatically Delete Expired Posts

Live posts for sold vehicles are marked so you can manually delete them or we will automatically delete live posts for a vehicle 48 hours after it is sold.

Detailed Stats For Posts and Leads

Track your posts over time and see which days result in the most form leads and landing page visits.

Call Tracking & Recording

Get the number of phone calls and listen to a recording of each phone call you receive.

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Sign up online or call
1-800-410-7354 to learn more about Craigslist Posting