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Do you have “fantastic” months every month according to your vendors but you’re not selling any more cars?

Level the playing field and take your dealership to the next level.


Become a digital marketing guru and learn how each marketing channel works. Included are all the tricks from vendors you need to watch out for.


Learn our vendor management system and use it to maximize the results from your vendors. We take a holistic approach to get your digital vendors to work together instead of cannibalizing leads from one another giving the illusion one vendor is performing better than another.


We provide the technology to enhance the performance of your vendors, save you time, streamline your marketing efforts and provide automation in key areas. Some of our standard software services include bot blocking software for paid search, ADA website alerts, recon assessment report, budgeting tools for dealer groups and much, much more.



Take advantage of a team of professionals who work tirelessly to make sure all your campaigns are reaching their full potential. Let us manage your website, digital vendors and save time and money.


We’re available for consultation on projects and other engagements.


Save money by aligning your marketing efforts, spending marketing dollars on the highest ROI channels and reduce wasteful spending by as much as 70%.

Educate and Training

We teach everything starting with the basics of digital marketing all the way to more advanced topics such as negative keyword utilization. We show you the secrets and techniques many vendors use to mask poor performance and we tell you how to manage them.

We Leverage Technology

Our suite of tools helps you streamline your process, set up alerts and make the whole process much easier for you. Our tools will increase marketing efficiency and reduce waste by eliminating bots from clicking on your ads, increase ROI by enhancing vehicle merchandising and much, much more.

About Autofusion

Autofusion was founded in 1998 as an automotive technology company. Our clients include large dealer groups, automotive corporations and OEMs. We use our experience as a dealer website provider and digital marketing agency to help you maximize your own digital vendors.