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Pay Per Click Advertising

Get more leads from the same budget when we manage your PPC advertising.

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Custom PPC Advertising For Only a 20% management fee

You can only get the most prominent positions on the results page when you buy PPC ads from Google. When someone clicks the ad for your website you pay a small fee to Google.


Organic & Map Listings


Is your vendor Wasting your ad budget?

Most vendors approach PPC with a "set-it-and-forget-it" attitude. They waste your money by attracting unwanted clicks, overpaying for keywords, and sending clicks on your ads to generic landing pages. If your vendor does not actively optimize your campaigns they are wasting your money.

Here's how Autofusion can help!

20% Management Fee

Our management fee is only 20% of your monthly PPC budget. We spend 80% of your PPC budget on getting you customers!

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Personal Representative

The same representative who works with you to create your custom strategy is the one who manages your campaigns. Your PPC representative knows your campaigns inside and out and can answer any question you have.

Custom Strategy

You choose how much to spend each month and the specific cities you want to target. We'll even focus your campaigns on the special offers you want to highlight or specific models you want to sell.


We select which keywords to bid on based on your make, location and preferences.
ex. san diego, honda, etc.

We choose how much to bid for each keyword. Some keywords cost more money because everyone is willing to pay more for them since they are so valuable. We figure out the best bidding price for each keyword to get you the maximum number of leads.

Better Ads Get YouMore leads

We make sure your ads get clicks by using clear calls to action and links that send the customer to the website page that has exactly what they are looking for.

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Good Ad

Relevant headline and text, ad extensions, call-to-action

Bad Ad

Generic text, URL to homepage, no call-to-action

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Targeted Landing Pages

Most vendors send the ads for all vehicle-related searches to the general inventory search page and ads for all other searches to the homepage. We send the customer to a targeted landing page so they immediately see exactly what they are looking for on your website. This means more leads for you!





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